“Every home we design and build reflects its owner's personal lifestyle and tastes”

“Every home we design and build reflects its owner's personal lifestyle and tastes”


A select group of master craftsmen have joined hands under a single brand in Verona, to put their time-honoured skills to the service of architecture and interior design.

Each home is built by our craftsmen with their own hands and it stands out as a hallmark of Italian design and workmanship.

37100 adopts an innovative, interactive way of working, building genuine relationships with our clients so that creating a house becomes an authentic life experience.

Sergio Rocca, the brand's designer and creative director, guides each and every one of his clients through a personal, breathtaking tour of some of the world's most awe-inspiring andscapes, bursting with art, history and culture.

By familiarising clients with the daily routine and workshops of our craftsmen, nestled in midst of astonishing natural beauty, Sergio Rocca, before taking on the role of project designer, acts as a personal guide for clients, accompanying them along an emotional journey of discovery so as to enable them to define, for themselves, the conceptual theme that will form the heart and soul of their future homes.

Lifestyle-based projects

Through 37100, Sergio Rocca promotes lifestyle-based architectural and interior design concepts, centred on the uniqueness of each individual.

Choosing 37100 to design and build your home, entails not only sharing values, but also sustaining Italian communities and ancient traditions that have long elevated craftsmanship to an art form.

37100 serves as a lifeline to this precious and fast-disappearing technical expertise, by employing local craftsmen to build custom-designed homes, each serving as a flagship of Italian excellence.

37100 offers clients an innovative, interactive working relationship transforming the design and construction of their homes into an insightful, emotional and very personal experience.

Each client is led on a tour through breathtakingly beautiful Italian landscapes, to become familiar and personally interact with the craftsmen who will turn drawings on paper into their homes.

Sergio Rocca's goal is to establish deep relationships with clients, so as to develop unique, personalised designs that fully reflect the lifestyle and worldview of each individual client.

Choosing a 37100 branded home means contributing to sustainable development and supporting craftsmen who relentlessly strive to ensure that age-old techniques, traditions and know-how are not lost forever, even in the face of unbridled competition from heavy industry.

Past projects

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