“Every home we design and build reflects its owner's personal lifestyle and tastes”

“Every home we design and build reflects its owner's personal lifestyle and tastes”

Mountain architecture

Sergio Rocca is a free climbing enthusiast with a deep attachment to his roots in Italy's mountain areas and an intimate and close attachment to high mountain landscapes and communities. As a result of his personal work ethic, he insists on serving clients, first as a tour guide, and only at a later stage, as a designer.

The 37100 brand, nestled in midst of the idyllic Guidicarie Valleys and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Brenta Group (Dolomite mountain), is committed to safeguarding and refurbishing buildings and homes constructed in the classical Alpine style.

Sergio Rocca's tasteful, elegant style is immediately recognisable in all his designs which also reflect a deep respect for the traditions and craftsmanship of the mountain communities with which he has established enduring, intimate bonds.

Building a mountain home with Sergio Rocca necessarily entails a personal journey of discovery of Alpine landscapes, traditional crafts and remote communities.
Each customer is personally led to establish enduring bonds of friendship and mutual respect with shepherds, cattle-breeders, mountain pastoralists, woodcraftsmen, ironsmiths, photographers, weavers, peasants, vegetable growers, painters, sculptors, fine art restorers, Alpine mountain guides, woodcutters, and the like, and therefore, to actively participate in the lives of local communities instead of playing the role of mere bystanders. As a result, opting for 37100, is a cultural decision.

To enthuse the decision to build a mountain home with deep meaning, Sergio Rocca feels it is essential for the client to play an active role in perfecting the design, imprinting it with the client's personal touch.
Over long years of experience, he has developed a discerning eye for authentic antiques - handcrafted by far-flung mountain communities throughout the Italian Alps - which grace the homes he designs with unparalleled elegance, but also oblige their owners to maintain and conserve these jewels of craftsmanship for the enjoyment of future generations.

'Scaling the awe-inspiring, vertiginously steep rock faces of far-off mountains, I was finally able to probe the depths of my being. There is plenty of room up there for anyone to find the real meaning of life. All that is needed is the courage to face up to your destiny.'


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