“Every home we design and build reflects its owner's personal lifestyle and tastes”

“Every home we design and build reflects its owner's personal lifestyle and tastes”

Who we are

37100 is a hallmark of the very best of Italian master craftsmanship at the service of architecture and interior design.

All our projects are built by master craftsmen from Verona and Trentino-Alto Adige, and are branded 37100, the postcode of the city of Verona where we are headquartered.

37100 branded structures include newly-built and refurbished homes, shops, restaurants as well as museums and exhibition halls, each and everyone of which serves as a showcase of Italian excellence in craftsmanship, design and architecture.

Sergio Rocca, the brains behind the brand, invites clients to become deeply involved in design projects, so that every architectural creation authentically reflects the client's personal lifestyle.
Each client is led on a tour to personally meet the master craftsmen who, over century-long of tradition, have cloaked their workmanship with all the dignity of a full-fledged art form. As a result, each client gains insight into the sacrifice and sweat that goes into the creations of these highly skilled craftsmen without whom Italian design would remain nothing more than interesting drawings and scribblings on paper.

'As architects, designers and craftsmen we do not operate on a first-come, first-served basis, but insist on forging close personal relationships with our clients so that they become fully familiar with our work and understand what we seek to express through our art. As a result, we serve, first of all, as personal tour guides, leading clients through an emotional journey of discovery, and it is only at a later stage, that we breathe life into the ideas that finally become tailor-made, customised homes.'

The hidden secrets of Verona – a UNESCO World Heritage City – and other Italian landscapes of unparalleled beauty are laid bare to our clients as they gain insight into the lives and work of the master craftsmen who have honed their timeless skills in these parts.

By building personal relationships with the master craftsmen whose technical expertise lies at the heart of the 37100 brand, our clients acquire a deep understanding of the art, history and culture of Italy, and above all, the traditions and skills ranging from its urban areas to the mountainous Alpine region. The conceptual soul of each project, designed to reflect its owner's personal tastes and lifestyle, is thus forged through a close collaborative partnership between clients and craftsmen.

Sergio Rocca, a free climbing enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of Alpine regions and mountain communities, personally accompanies each client along a unique voyage of discovery.

All clients acquire first-hand experience of the Dolomites and become familiar with mountain shepherds, sculptors, peasants, woodcraftsmen, ironsmiths, weavers, cattle-breeders, dairymen, woodcutters, painters, and Alpine guides who, through their lifestyles, protect the local habitats, environment and breathtaking landscapes in which they live.

To design and build a mountain home with Sergio Rocca is, therefore, no ordinary undertaking, and requires deep commitment on the part of the client whose collaboration will be amply rewarded with personalised, tailor-made interiors exuding the muted, tasteful elegance that distinguishes all 37100 branded designs.

'Opting for a 37100 home is a cultural decision, as interacting with our world entails a personal journey of discovery. Our lives and experience are at your disposal for the design and construction of your homes, making full use of our craftsmanship, know-how and design capabilities.'
Sergio Rocca


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