Sergio Rocca

The brand's architect, interior designer and creative talent, Sergio Rocca, has dedicated his entire working life to safeguarding Italian master craftsmanship and offering clients an intimate, personal experience by forging enduring bonds with the men and women whose technical skill will form part and parcel of all 37100 branded structures.


Born in Verona in 1967, Sergio Rocca's first professional experience was as a woodcraftsman and even today, he personally builds experimental models of his designs. The 37100 brand is his idea.

A free climbing enthusiast with a deep attachment to the high italian mountain areas, Sergio Rocca spends most of his time in the Brenta Dolomites where he designs 37100 branded homes, reflecting age-old Alpine architectural traditions, for a discerning clientele.
An art expert and collector, he often serves as a mediator and consultant for attributing works to specific craftsmen and artists.


Thanks to his professional experience in countries where business dealings may appear particularly difficult, he is also sought after as a marketing and sales consultant and expert in international cooperate expansion strategies into emerging economies.



ARCHITETTURA E VALORE della FAMIGLIA. A Madonna Di Campiglio Con Sergio Rocca. Il Valore Della Famiglia Nel Settore Ho.Re.Ca. Come Risposta Alla Crisi


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